The Story Behind!

So, the basic idea behind creating this app is to let people concentrate their work instead of worrying about the required software, their authentic download links without annoying ads.

On a fine day, we got request from a computer service provider who repairs computers, formatting it and fresh installing OS & other essential software.

Their team was so irritated of installing all software manually as it requires more time and resources. In addition to it, they were having installers which were outdated. So, even after installing all neccessary tools and software, their clients would not get latest applications for use. This resulted them to update the software using the facility given within the software itself. If somehow it fails, they would have to Google it and find valid and authentic links. (You know how much fake Ads are there)

So, on that day, we thought that why not we the developers solve their problem! After all, it is the core job & responsibility of software developers!

That's it! We deciced on that day and got it working within a month. And hurrah! We solved problem of two entities i.e. service provider & their clients.

Right now, Electro Installer™ is in its first phase of release. So you won't find a much longer list of apps. But we are committed to deliver the best as we can. For new apps to be added in the app list, send us an email at Note: We don't provide paid/commercial version of the apps. In that case, we will provide Trialware of that app. We don't provide any kind of cracked/patched software/apps. If you like an app which is Trialware, please buy it from its developer/publisher. Support them as they would have spent countless nights for developing it.